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Secutor is the name for a gladiator with magic abilities. The audience likes to see famous battles recreated with wizards, conjurers or elementarists, as the light effects are especially good when they fight.

Now, you can play a Secutor, collect up to 23 spells and play with up to 4 friends online. Explore all points, beat enemies and grab their loot. Watch out for patrols and take care when the enemy calls for help.


  • Supports gamepad and mouse / wasd
  • Co-op via internet
  • 23 different spells
  • Spell classes include lances, area spells, shields, charge attacks, light sabers, jab attacks and one ranged attack.
  • Configure up to 4 spells using the y key / pad button.
  • Enemies will get tougher, faster, will get more spells and will come in greater numbers

More information: Secutor website

Will be happy to get some feedback :)

Install instructions

Use the installer to install the game and start it via program menu.

Or download the zip file, extract and start "Secutor.exe".


SecutorAlpha7.zip 48 MB

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